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smartwatch, stylus, AirPods, and product red iPhone 7 on black surface A Digitalized SocietyNews

A Digitalized Society

It is currently the 21st century. Correspondingly, there is no doubt about the fact that within it abides a digitalized…
February 11, 2022
girl using VR goggles Telecom’s Roles in MetaverseNews

Telecom’s Roles in Metaverse

The world has already become digitalized a generation ago. However, it is this generation’s new upcoming world that will play…
February 4, 2022
grayscale photo of black and white electric tower 5G cell towersNews

5G Cell Towers

Currently, T-Mobile is leading the race when it comes to its 5G coverage throughout the nation. T-Mobile’s 5G internet is…
January 27, 2022
image of golden smart phones with cryptographic images the future language of telecomNews

The Future Language of Telecom

Technology is changing and so are the times. With technology progressively advancing to more intelligent AI, the structure of the…
January 7, 2022