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Telecom.live™ works directly with multiple telecommunications service providers and partners in an effort to ensure that you receive the best possible rate on telecommunications.

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  • that these contacts may be made by phone including, but not limited to one or more phone calls or SMS text messages using automatic dialers, artificial voices, or prerecorded messages;. and
  • that any such calls or messages may be made only to the specific telephone number(s) you have provided to us in connection with your request(s) for a telecommunications quote(s).

You further acknowledge and agree that the contacts described above may be made by our partners (or by third parties on their behalf), and that Telecom.live™ is not responsible for, and shall bear no liability whatsoever for, any such contacts other than those made directly by Telecom.live™.

Restrictions on your use of Telecom.live™

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  • Use fictitious business information that cannot be validated

Telecom.live™ may restrict or ban Users including the IP addresses of Users or by other methods from using Telecom.live™ for violating these restrictions, at Telecom.live™’s sole discretion.

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