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How Was the Internet During COVID-19?

By August 9, 2021No Comments
turned-on flat screen television internet during COVID-19

Ever since December 2019 the entire world has been out of order. COVID-19 was the unprecedented event that affected all civilization along its way. As a result, it changed entire lives and lifestyles. Simultaneously, COVID-19 also transformed the internet. In fact, because of the pandemic even the usage of the internet was reformed. Internet during COVID-19 proved to be one of the most essential services throughout the time. But of course, the internet experienced its own challenges along the way.  

Usage of Internet During COVID-19

With the mandated quarantine being in full-effect for some time initially during the pandemic, the first thing that went up worldwide was the usage of the internet. The average broadband consumption increased by about 47% as people resorted to working, schooling and finding entertainment from home during the time.

Because of the quarantine, within mere days millions of students were attending school virtually instead of in the classroom. Almost 70% of employees began working remotely from home. The sales within streaming services increased by 50%, while gaming usage went up 75%! Since no one could socialize in person, civilization began learning new ways of how socialize online. As a result, the usage of internet during COVID-19 substantially increased.


Of course, since it caused a digital surge which no one was prepared for, the speed of internet during COVID-19 certainly got affected along the way. This was true in some areas more than in others. With online traffic increasing by an average of over 40% instantly, some countries even saw a 50% speed fall during the initial quarantine. With all neighbors putting a higher demand on their broadband providers simultaneously, many major telecom providers had their services put to a test.

However, the internet proved to be resilient as it only strengthened along the way. COVID-19 inspired telecom providers even more to continue investing into the building of the 5G wireless network and technology. As a result, today we have an internet that is faster and stronger than it ever was before.


Probably one of the greatest realizations about internet during COVID-19 was how valuable it really is. What once was just a luxury for some became an essential for many overnight. The value of the internet during COVID-19 revealed itself exponentially.

If it was not for the internet millions of students would have been left without school for the season. Without the internet even more millions of workers would have been left jobless. If there was no internet during COVID-19 online shopping, socializing and entertainment would not have been possible. COVID-19 revealed not only how essential the internet was, but also how limitless it really is. The ticket to survival and communication proved to be through the internet.

Though the physical doors closed for a season during COVID-19 the internet web clouds opened wider than ever before. The internet during COVID-19 was used more and had its speed and strength tested. It also gained great value along the way as people discovered more and more of its untapped potential. Internet is no longer just a luxury for the user. It is now an essential for the world.

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