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Best Business Phone Systems

By October 19, 2021October 26th, 2021No Comments
man holding black smartphone in front of a windowpane business phone system

Due to the fact that most meetings today occur either over-the-phone or virtually, having a phone system for your business may actually make sense. However, today you have many more choices available when it comes to choosing the best system for your business. Here is a guide which can help you choose from the business phone systems the one that is best for you.

The Analog Landline

Yes, landlines still exist. And since they are the original method of telephone communications, it is worth mentioning them first. Though the plain old telephone system is not the most popular choice for businesses today, it is still a faithful resource. Many developed businesses have the analog landlines installed even now and often keep them at least for a backup.

The phone systems in the next few sections all require a strong internet connection in order to run. However, the original “corded” landline will still run even during a power and/or an internet outage. Therefore, if your business is in an area where power or internet outages may be experienced, analog landlines may be a worthwhile investment for your business.

VoIP Business Phone System

The Voice over Internet Protocol system serves over 55% of businesses in the USA. Most businesses already have a strong internet connection established. Using that connection as the foundation of their VoIP business phone system helps them save an estimated 30% on phone bill costs. VoIP is often considered to be one of the best business phone systems out there.

VoIP provides many great features for your business. You can use VoIP for making phone calls, voicemails, call forwarding and recording and SMS. You can also use it for its virtual receptionist, video conferencing, CRM integration, call monitoring and so much more. VoIP’s advanced call features may prove to be a valuable asset for your business. 

Virtual Phone System

If your business does not need advanced call features, then the virtual phone system may actually work better for you. The virtual phone system is a service that connects your business phone number to your existing phone line. It is even cheaper than VoIP, requires no additional hardware and works faithfully. The only condition is that you must have a good internet connection.

With the virtual phone system you might not have extra features such as CRM integration. However, you still will be provided with the essential basics, such as calls, texts, voicemails and auto-attendants. 5G TELECOM.LIVE Shop

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