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AI in Telecom: Many Roles

By October 15, 2021October 26th, 2021No Comments
white and brown human robot illustration AI in telecom

Technology within telecommunications advances every day. One of the most important factors that plays in telecom’s technological revolution is Artificial Intelligence. AI is transforming the telecommunications industry at an exponential rate, while reforming it completely. Today, AI plays some major roles in telecom.

AI in Customer Service

AI plays a huge role when it comes to providing customer service within the telecom industry. Intelligent virtual assistants help out the industry immensely in many ways. Since the introduction of intelligent virtual assistants, the customer service experience within many telecom companies has become much more efficient.

First, intelligent VAs make 24/7 customer service available to the customers. As a result, customers have their request taken care of by either a fully-automated phone service or a chatbot at anytime from anywhere. From answering questions to updating plans and even to issuing refunds, intelligent virtual assistants can be very helpful and efficient.

With AI assisting with customer service roles, telecom customers can also expect to get their issues resolved quicker. AI can be used to help resolve disputes. And it can help resolve them in a much faster manner, without having the customer waiting for long minutes for the next available representative. In today’s world, where staff shortages are prevalent more than ever before, AI virtual assistants are very essential.

AI’s Role in Fraud Detection

With cyber-attacks, scams and identity thefts on the rise, the telecom industry has to constantly evolve with new methods of fraud detection. And AI is helping tremendously in this case. Using different algorithms, AI machines can detect unusual activities while reviewing large traffic volumes at one time. They can then send alerts out in the case of any suspicious activity detected in regards to an account or data.

AI in Telecom Analytics

Data is some of the most precious information one can have access to in this day and age. The information gathered from data empowers a company to grow stronger forward. Data is used to review, predict, develop, prevent and recommend. Within telecom data is gold, and AI helps to mine it.

By analyzing historical data, AI can help telecom companies determine how to advertise to and target their certain audiences. It can derive valuable insight by evaluating customers’ purchasing behaviors, onsite activities and which services were most preferred. It can also help to improve their systems by analyzing and reviewing which methods are most efficient and most approved by the customers.

AI plays many more roles, in addition to the ones mentioned previously, within the telecommunications industry. It is helping to transform and reform telecom in revolutionary ways.

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