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COVID-19 Pandemic’s Effect on the Internet

By May 28, 2021No Comments
Visualization of the coronavirus causing COVID-19 affecting telecom

Ever since December 2019 the entire world is affected by the unprecedented incoming of the Covid-19 pandemic. Countries are hurting universally. As a result, all industries were impacted simultaneously. The impact that the event had on the telecom industry is just unapparelled.

The Industry Before the Pandemic

Before the pandemic, one of the main focuses within the telecom industry was to implement and extend 5G internet everywhere. Accomplishing that goal in itself was already a demanding mission for telecommunications companies. Most of the major news and buzz revolved continuously around the subject of the incoming 5G internet. But then suddenly, in crashed Covid-19.

Telecom in the Beginning of COVID-19

In December 2019, the pandemic started. Pretty soon, it began making its rounds aggressively all over the planet. By mid-March of 2021, countries all over began going on lockdown. Immediately, the demand for internet all over the world increased significantly. As socializing transformed into social distancing, over 1.2 billion students began attending school online. Patients began meeting up with their doctors via Zoom. Over two thirds of employees all around the world started working remote. As a result, within a matter of just mere days internet usage increased around 50-70%.

Telecom During COVID-19

The immense and sudden demand for telecommunications services definitely put a strain on the industry. Not a single telecom giant ever expected for most of the world to all of a sudden be online at the same time. To maintain the only infrastructure that unites and operates governments, hospitals, schools, businesses and societies is a massive duty. Sustaining such an essential service was a complicated matter of figuring out how to handle such large consumption while also creating solutions for even greater production.

5G Internet in the Meantime

Though the pandemic did slow down the implementation of the 5G internet initially, it did not by any means halt it. In fact, the pandemic inspired major telecom companies even more to get the highly anticipated internet available to their every consumer as soon as possible. No one knew back then that the pandemic was going to come in at such full force.  Today, no one knows exactly when it will become an event of the past. So, the telecom giants are working even faster to get the 5G towers built within the reach of their customers.

Telecommunications Today

Over one year after it was struck by the pandemic, the telecom industry is stronger, faster and better than it ever was before. The pandemic happened to be the very thing that revealed just how much of a vast and important role the telecommunications industry plays in society. True- COVID-19 brought the industry many challenges. However, the rewards of the breakthrough innovations are much greater. 5G
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