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Telecom VS Digitalism

By April 26, 2021April 29th, 2021No Comments
macro photography of black circuit board digitalism

The future of telecom lies in digitalism.

First, Generation X created the computer. Then came the Millennials. They were absolutely in love with the idea of instant gratification, and so they quickly adopted technology. Then Generation Z was born and instantly became known as “the digital natives”. Today, Generation Alpha is literally developing with digitalism. 

The New Generations Are Already Digitalized

Technology is more natural and native than green grass is for the new generations.

Generation Z makes up about 27% of today’s population. The most popular app today is TikTok. TikTok is also the #1 application when it comes to setting new trends. Generation Z makes up over 60% of its users. They are powerfully influencing society today.

Generation Alpha is the first generation to mature with AI. Because they were born into the era of glass screens and AI, they will be the first to actually trust and fully embrace it. Their children will not know life without AI.

Generation Z and Generation Alpha Are Today’s Digital Influencers

Once upon a time, the older generations taught the younger generations survival of the fittest. Today, the younger generation is teaching the older generation how to survive in the age of technology.

The new generations changed the traditional ways of consumerism. They introduced new ways of managing production. They no longer ask the customer service representatives at a store for product advice. Instead, they ask Siri or Alexa. Over 54% of millennials shop online. Over 40% of Generation Z admitted that they prefer to visit their doctor virtually. More and more studies show that Generation Alpha’s consumer habits are mostly inspired by online influencers.

white apple earpods on gray iphone case digitalism

So, how will digitalism impact telecom?

Digitalism Holds Telecom’s Future

Over 48% of people in the world today have a smartphone. By 2025, 70% of the population will own a digital phone. So, telecom services are only bound to grow with the upcoming future.

As online traffic increases, so must the online speed and services increase with the demand. Telecom providers will always have the responsibility to continually evolve and adapt with the new incoming technology.

Contactless Services

Generation Z and Generation Alpha do not like to wait an hour on hold for customer support, while talking to three different representatives along the way. Their parents, the Millennials, created the demand for instant gratification, so it is only natural that the children require even quicker, contactless services.

Soon instead of waiting for hours online for support, the AI bots will respond and resolve issues in mere minutes.

Digitalism Will Continue to Transform Telecom

Of course, this means that telecom’s future is great. But, it also means that there are many new challenges coming along the way. Keeping up with ever-changing technology is no small feat.

History taught that what cannot adapt to the changing environment is no longer needed and so will go extinct. Every industry’s future lies in them adapting to digitalism, and every industry needs an excellent internet, phone and telecom provider. Therefore, the future of telecom lies in digitalism.

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