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What’s really behind online ads?

By June 25, 2019No Comments

No matter how you may like the benefit of being able to click skip or close an ad that is popping up on your screen, they are the reason that you have access to all of the wonderful things that we are able to plug into with the touch of a finger. Before you click away from that next ad link, just know that it is that ad that is giving you free access that you would otherwise have to pay for.

Ads have given places like the UK a huge economy boost of more than $13 billion in one year from companies wanting to get their products in front of consumers. You will always find a mixed reaction to ads online or on other medias. Some consumers are pleased the ads are there as they would not know about some products that they need but would otherwise not heard or seen without the ad. Other consumers find that the ads are just an annoyance that they wish not to see. It is safe to say that the latter does not realize who’s paying the bill for their social thrill.

The Internet is open to all who have paid access, and ads give consumers free access to all of the resources and entertainment that is within the Internet world. We are able to talk, see, and connect with people around the world all in a moment because of the ads that make it possible. Instead of despising that next commercial or that ad that comes up on the side of your screen, maybe you didn’t know that the 30 seconds or the sidebar is waving at you to say, hey, go ahead and search or look-up and enjoy all you want for 24 hours a day, because I have already paid the bill. Maybe that ad isn’t so bad after all, because I may like what the ad has to say or show me or I may not but I certainly do appreciate Mr. Ad paying for me to have all the access I want. Happy searching on the Internet access trails.

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