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Is having internet access a luxury?

By June 12, 2019No Comments

For some people not far from you, the Internet is not a luxury entitlement that’s taken for granted.  You may have grown very comfortable with 24/7 access and convenience of trouble-free Internet usage at your fingertips, but others in rural areas would see it as a luxury that they may be able to afford but that is not so simple to enjoy.  What does this mean?  It means that people in the city or urban areas have a greater access to the Internet that those in rural areas where the signal may or may not function for a Businessman, college student, a farmer or even a doctor to get some work done anytime or wherever they are at that moment where a signal is not available.

Can you imagine not having Internet power in this day and time to check your email, run your business or browse your social media?  You would likely start having immediate stress along with the mass majority of the country that rely on the Internet to make a living, or just provide self-absorbed entertainment for the day.  Yes, most of us are spoiled with access where others are driving around town parking in front of businesses hoping to tap into their Internet wi-fi.  This may seem funny to you, but it is a harsh reality to people who have very serious responsibilities and need their Internet to work properly to save lives or contribute to feeding the world.

At the present this is an issue that some areas in the Southwest part of the United States are dealing with and that our state officials need to seriously check into to bridge and mend this disruptive divide.  In a state such as Minnesota, it has been a problem to get connection in the rural areas of the state.  Households in America have ten times the number of tablets, phones and computers up nearly 80% over the past two decades.  We depend on it to practically run our daily lives as though it is a part of our DNA.  

What would we do if we couldn’t order online, or pay our bills with the touch of a button?  Our children do not know what it means to go place to place to pay for services or buy a stamp to mail a letter.  Access to the Internet is now a large part of our lives and livelihood for many as technology has taken the place of many things that used to take days, but now can be done in moments at the touch of a button.   As you touch your screens and click your links, don’t take it for granted.  Just a few states over and up are seeking the support of officials to broaden the broadband so that they can do business with the rest of the world at an ease that so many of us just expect as a normal day.  

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