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What are internet providers doing with your data?

By June 13, 2019June 25th, 2019No Comments

The Internet blame game continues.  With a recent privacy law expired, internet providers can now sell your online data. The FCC chairman (Pai Ajit) made a statement during a recent Senate meeting, claiming that the tech wizards of the well-known Silicon Valley are the key principals in dictating what we as consumers can or cannot see and do concerning our internet data.  He calls for a much greater transparency and accountability from tech companies.  He mentioned that powerful companies like Google and Facebook manipulate algorithms and are poorly regulated.

Comcast Xfinity is the top of the ISP chain of providers supplying approximately 110 million customers with broadband Internet services in at least 40 states.  AT&T is next covering around 22 states, and third is Verizon Fios serving about 10 states.  All we as the consumer want is integrity in every aspect from privacy, pricing, access and accountability among regulations.

I was watching a movie recently, and if you think about it, you have watched several where the statements about our lack of privacy and the ease of control over our privacy is mentioned in the script.  Does it sound like an average conspiracy theory?  I think you are very wise and are aware that we need transparency with Providers as well as government regulations.  We can only hope that both lawmakers and ISP’s will do what is right by the people and keep our information secure and not use their power to spy on our lives, manipulate control over what we can or cannot see or do through our Internet services.  

As the consumer, do we have time for he said she said when it comes to these childish games of who is doing what?  Do we want Internet providers or regulators playing games with our reality?  The answer is no.  What we do know is that we expect our lawmakers to carefully regulate companies who have access to the critical areas of our lives that need to be protected using their services over the broadband Internet world and we are not privy to the close door meetings with true transparency to know who is actually fighting for us the consumer and who is controlling our access or blocking our access for their own agenda.  Chairman Ajit is just one person, whether he is right or wrong, this battle and blame game is an ongoing agenda that needs to be fairly regulated for the protection of the people.  For now the blame game continues.  

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