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5G will change how we live

By June 24, 2019No Comments

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials with the new innovations that we can use to show off this new speed, like being able to power-up our media interactions on our cell phones and other devices including our TV’s.

This new flow of technology will enhance the daily drive of our lives, such as bringing virtual realty up-close and right in your face. We will be able to run our smart home capabilities or control machines from a distance and even help advance education efforts. This is what’s called tactile Internet.
The objective is to give you a closer feel of things in a virtual way that seems like you’re actually touching it or in the midst.

There is a company (Ultrahaptics) testing the development of ultrasound to use frequency feedback to give the sensation of touch and feel to the skin. Companies like Microsoft are also working on this same type of feedback with a focus on vortex rings. We will benefit greatly with 5G as this faster and more advanced technology will allow us to make virtual reality seem more real.

In the medical field, doctors will be better able to use this technology to perform more accurate procedures controlling robotic machines and people will have better capability to receive video conference if they live far away and need to speak with a doctor to see what is needed. Doctors will be able to communicate and help each other virtually as if they were there live and in person. Can you anticipate being able to have a touch sensation to something that you are touching virtually? This is the capability doctors will have or even your son playing a video game. Phones will have the capability to be read in braille for those with sight disabilities, this is an incredible development in our world and can be used to help us live our lives better in many ways far beyond our obsessions with social media. We will be able to save and change lives for the better.

Look for this technology to be fully available soon, as some aspects are already in place and being used presently in video games. Get ready to get your 5G life up to speed. See you on the 5G speedway.

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