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Spectrum Business delivers reliable Internet, Ethernet, Phone and Enhancement solutions with widespread cable and fiber footprint in specific geographic areas. Expanding into new territories with the acquisition of Time Warner Cable Business Class and Bright House Networks, Spectrum business offers competitive pricing, quick installs, and high bandwidth at a low price in their on-net regions. They offer a wide range of products — from high-quality broadband services to phone systems and top-tier digital TV and Music, that are flexible and can meet the demands of growing businesses.

Spectrum Business does not expedite coax installations and cannot guarantee the service will install. For sites appearing to be immediately serviceable, service is still never guaranteed to install. If coax requires construction, customers should expect construction will take 60-90 business days or more until otherwise stated. Once construction completes, installation must be scheduled and completed before the service is active.

Coax is a standard transport for services that include high speed broadband internet, voice, and TV. Coax services are “best effort” and subject to over-subscription, meaning the customer will likely experience lower bandwidth throughput speeds than they have signed up for. Spectrum Business does not provide a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee any service metrics like bandwidth, latency, jitter, or repair times. Spectrum Business fiber services do not fall under these same expectations. Spectrum Business is a top seller for connectivity with extremely competitive coax and dedicated fiber pricing and coverage across 42 states.

Data Connectivity Products:
Coax Cable • Digital Television • Fiber • EoC

Voice Connectivity Products:

Managed Products:
Managed Wi-Fi

Service Area Details:
Spectrum Business offers services in the following markets where they own and operate their in-region network:

West: CA, TX, NV, AZ, NM, CO, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, HI
Midwest: NE, KS, MI, MN, MO, WI, IL, IN, OH
Northeast: PA, NY, VT, NH, ME, MA, RI, CT, NJ, MD
Southeast: LA, TN, KY, MS, AL, GA, WV, VA, NC, SC, FL


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