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Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Nextiva is one of the country’s fastest growing providers of unified cloud-based business communications. Offering a simple approach to UCaaS that is radically altering the economics of one of the top operating expenses within an organization. They acquired their first customer in 2008, and today serve over 100,000 businesses across the United States. Nextiva’s team consists of nearly 500 talented professionals that embrace Amazing Service®. Their team and innovation define who they are, and their products are not a reaction to market trends, but rather, their innovation defines the direction of the industry. In short, they are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate.

Voice Connectivity Products:
SIP Trunks

Cloud Products:
Hosted VoIP • BYOB VoIP • BYOD VoIP • E911 Routing Services • Collaboration (UCaaS) • Video Conferencing • SMS Messaging • Fax-to-Email • Contact Center (CCaaS) • CRM Integration • Reporting & Analytics • Dialer Traffic • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Regulation Compliance • PCI • HIPAA

Service Area:
Nationwide (all 50 states)


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