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Masergy is a managed services and cloud communications provider delivering customized, high-performance platforms that help businesses compete in the global marketplace. It specializes in global MPLS/VPLS, global SIP Trunking and global Hosted Unified Communications. Masergy owns and operates the largest independent Software Defined Platform in the world, delivering hybrid networking, managed security and cloud communication solutions to enterprises around the globe. Their platform leverages advanced technologies including software defined networking, network function virtualization, advanced machine learning, and big data analytics to drive the flexibility, visibility, and control that enterprise IT teams require. Masergy handles all design, deployment, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring so CIOs and other key IT decision makers can focus on accelerating business growth.

Masergy’s sweet spot is domestic and international MPLS, mutli-site trunking, especially complex opportunities requiring video and real time applications. They have a very robust SIP and Hosted VoIP platform that can integrate with a customer’s existing PBX seamlessly, which means you can keep the same corporate dial plan while migrating to the cloud on your own schedule. For video conferencing, they send every packet twice, which guarantees 100% throughput on video conferencing. Masergy’s strength is in its network and customer service. If failure rate or follow up is a huge concern rather than price, Masergy is an excellent choice.

Data Connectivity Products:
Coax Cable • Fiber • International Fiber • DS1 • DS3 • EoC • Asymmetrical Ethernet • MPLS/VPLS • Broadband Aggregation

Voice Connectivity Products:
SIP Trunks • International SIP Trunks

Cloud Products:
Hosted VoIP • International VoIP • International DIDs • International Origination • International Toll Free • BYOB VoIP • BYOD VoIP • Collaboration (UCaaS) • Contact Center (CCaaS) • CRM Integration • Reporting & Analytics • Dialer Traffic • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • Cloud Connect • AWS • Equinix • Google Cloud • IBM Cloud • Microsoft Azure • Oracle

Managed Products:
SD-WAN • BYOB SD-WAN • Fortinet • SilverPeak • Security • Firewall • Unified Threat Management • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) • Monitoring & Reporting • VPN • Security Audit • Penetration Testing • Incident Response • Regulation Compliance • SOXX • PCI • HIPAA • HITECH

Service Area:
Nationwide (all 50 states) • Puerto Rico • International • Brazil • Canada • Europe • Mexico • China • Asia Pacific • Australia


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